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Dragon Designed Vase
Title Dragon Designed Vase
Accession Number AM-DA-1116
Title2 Dragon Designed Vase
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name Decorative art Gallery
Object Type Decorative Art
Main Material Porcelain
Component Material II Clay
Component Material III Clay
Manufacturing Technique Firing
Main Artist Not Known
Artist's Nationality Not Known
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Not Known
Author NA
Country NA
Provenance Not Known
Origin Place China
Find Place Not Known
Scribe NA
Style NA
School Not Known
Patron/Dynasty NA
Inscription No
Tribe NA
Costume NA
Culture NA
Dimensions 40.8 x 20.5 cm
Detailed Description A beautiful decorated vase is made of porcelain. Flower vase having a good painting with applique design on it. Both handles of the vase bear representation of dragons; one of them is broken, and painted with golden and red color. Wine creepers trundles, leafs along with the fruits have been carved all over the body of the vase. There are three mice have been made on the top and both the sides of the creepers, shown moving upward direction. In the center of the vase, four people and five dogs are shown on the river side. One of them is shown in hunting mode with a rifle assisted by other three people. A fox (?) is shown hanging on the branch of the tree. In the background beautiful landscape is painted by the artist. Forest resorts, a natural scene of Chinese village and a series of houses (Pagoda Style) have been made on the bank of a river.
Brief Description A beautiful decorated flower vase is made of porcelain.