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China Curtain
Title China Curtain
Accession Number AM-WA-936
Title2 China Curtain
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name Wooden Art Gallery
Object Type Wood Work
Main Material Wood
Component Material II Wood
Component Material III Wood
Manufacturing Technique Carving
Main Artist Not Known
Artist's Nationality Not Known
Author NA
Country China
Provenance NA
Origin Place Not Known
Find Place Not Known
Scribe NA
Style NA
School Not Known
Patron/Dynasty NA
Period / Year of Work C. 20th Century CE
Inscription No
Tribe NA
Costume NA
Culture NA
Dimensions 90 x 55 cm
Detailed Description The main figure which depicted on the curtain is the aquatic dragon, seems to be crab like animal. Face of the dragon is looking like owl with deep eyes, ears made of inserted fish, having huge bulgy body with bushy tail corner. On the top of the dragon two birds are in flying posture, and dragon surrounded by some mystic wheels, symbols and small crabs like aquatic animals. Two small size dragons with different mouths have been carved below and top of the main dragon figure. On the top of the curtain two lion shape dragons facing opposite direction and holding a mystic wheel in the center of the top have been made. On the edge of the curtain, a row of mystic mammals bearing four horns, sequel shape skin bushy tails like futures shushing towards the top of the Curtain have been made. The wooden curtain is very skillfully carved by the craftsman.
Brief Description A wooden curtain of China is carved skillfully.