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Gold Coin of Kanishka I
Title Gold Coin of Kanishka I
Accession Number AM-GC-100
Title2 Gold Coin of Kanishka I
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Coin
Main Material Gold
Medium Gold
Manufacturing Technique Casting
Main Artist Not Known
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Not Known
Author NA
Country India
Provenance NA
Origin Place Not Known
Find Place Not Known
Scribe Inscribed
Style Not Known
School Not Known
Patron/Dynasty Kushana
Period / Year of Work C. Ist Century CE
Inscription The coin is inscribed in Greeck.
Mint Not Known
Weight 7.78 gm
Detailed Description Huvishka(I)'s son Kanishka (Kanishka I), who was so far being considered the successor of Wima Kadphises, had issued coins in gold and copper; and on the coins of gold and silver. He used the same type of his portrayal- standing, dressed in a long tunic, shalwar, mantle held by double clasp at the chest and a low round cap, sacrifice at an alter and holding a spear in his left hand, but at the same time he did not confirm the reverse of his coins to any one particular deity. Deity bearing Iranian name Mao has been depicted on the reverse of this coin. He ended the bilingual tradition of Greek and Kharoshthi and retained only Greeck for a while and issued coins with the legend Basileos Basilion Kanishkou.
Coin Description Obverse Bearded king standing to left, on a circular mat, wearing peaked helmet, coat, trousers,holding in right hand an elephant-goad and sacrificing over an alter and grasping a spear with left hand;having sword at the waist; Bactrian legend- Shaonano Shao Kaneshki Koshno
Coin Description Reverse Moon god standing to left; Legend- Mao; Monogram in left
Brief Description Gold coin of Kanishka I on the obverse with the Hellenistic divinity on reverse.