Title Ushnishavijaya
Accession Number AM-MIN-THNK-1913
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name NA
Object Type Thangaka
Main Material Silk
Manufacturing Technique Painting on Cloth
Origin Place Peking (China)
Find Place Peking (China)
Period / Year of Work C. 18th Century CE
Dimensions 55 x 55 cm
Brief Description It portrays Ushnishavijaya, Amitayush and White Tara.
Detailed Description The painting is mounted on red silk brocade. It portrays Ushnishavijaya, the queen-mother of enlightenment, emphasized by the enlightenment elevation. She has three faces and eight arms. Her main symbol is the crossed thunderbolt which she holds in front of her breast. Her special recognition symbol is the Buddha image raised by her right upper hand.