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Ram, Sita and Luxman
Title Ram, Sita and Luxman
Accession Number AM-MIN-626
Title2 Ram, Sita and Luxman
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name Miniature Painting
Object Type Miniature Painting
Main Material Paper
Manufacturing Technique Water Colour
Main Artist Not Known
Artist's Nationality India
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data C.1775 CE
Country India
Provenance Pahari,Kangara,Himachal Pradesh
Origin Place Pahari, Kangara, Himachal Pradesh
Find Place Pahari, Kangara, Himachal Pradesh
Style Kangra
School Kangra
Period / Year of Work C.1775 CE
Tribe NA
Costume Men in dhoti and uttariya. Lady in ghanghara, choli and odhani.
Culture NA
Dimensions 29.21 x 19.685 cm
Detailed Description The painting belongs to epic Ramayana during the time of exile. The artist has depicted Vishnu in the image of Ram (as incarnation of Narayana). The god is sitting on lotus throne, wearing a vanamala, jewelries, kaustubhmani and pitambara. He is putting a Vaishnava mark on his forehead. The arrow-case and bow is attached on the branch of tree. Sita is also shown in royal attire sitting on left side of Ram. But Lakshman is shown in vanvasi costume, is bringing an injured deer from the left side of the painting.
Brief Description The scene of Dandakaranya ( Dandak Forest).