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Message of Shambhala
Title Message of Shambhala
Accession Number AM-MOD-59
Title2 Message of Shambhala
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name Modern Painting Gallery
Object Type Modern Painting
Main Material Tempera
Component Material II Canvas
Manufacturing Technique Tempera on Canvas
Main Artist Nicholas Roerich
Artist's Nationality Russian
Country Russia
Period / Year of Work 20th Century CE
Detailed Description Painting depicts a bowman shooting the missive across a deep gorge to a mountain monastery. The rising sun has half-lit the monastery. In the backdrop are mountains. In Tibetan Buddhist and Indian Hindu/Buddhist traditions, Shambhala is a kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia.
Brief Description Painting depicts the Message of Shambhala painted by Nicholas Roerich.