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Ekmukha Shiva Linga
Title Ekmukha Shiva Linga
Accession Number AM-SCL-153
Title2 Ekmukha Shiva Linga
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name Early Sculpture
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Stone
Component Material II Stone
Component Material III Stone
Manufacturing Technique Chisiling and Carving
Main Artist Not Known
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Not Known
Author NA
Country India
Provenance Khoh (village), Satna, Madhya Pradesh.
Origin Place Khoh (village), Satna, Madhya Pradesh.
Find Place Khoh (village), Satna, Madhya Pradesh.
Scribe NA
Style Gupta
School NA
Patron/Dynasty Gupta
Period / Year of Work C.5th Century CE
Inscription No
Tribe NA
Costume NA
Culture NA
Dimensions H.66 Dia-38 cm. (out side ped.)
Detailed Description The Linga was found in situ in an abandoned shrine at Nakti-ki talai just outside the village of Khoh, and is in excellent condition except for very minor damage. The base is a square undressed tenon which was once sunk into a pitha. Only the head and neck of the image are shown emerging from the smooth cylindrical form of the Linga which lacks the so-called brahma- sutra design on the top. The God wears an ekavali close to the neck, small circular pearl earrings, and a jatamukuta adorned with a crescent moon in the center. Short curls of hair escape from the top, falling on both sides of the bead and strands of hair can also be seen over the shoulders. The face is illuminated with an expression of quiet repose. The eyes are deep set, with narrow eyelids, and marked with pupils; the third eye, lightly incised, is vertically placed in the middle of the forehead; the earlobes are greatly elongated and the lower lip is full and sensuous, the latter feature being present in other images from this area.
Brief Description An Ekamukha Shivalinga made of pink sand stone. It belongs to Gupta period.