Exact Match
Male Stomach
Title Male Stomach
Accession Number AM-TC-K3179
Title2 Male Stomach
Museum Name Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Gallery Name Terracotta Gallery
Object Type Terracotta
Main Material Terracotta
Component Material II Terracotta
Component Material III Terracotta
Manufacturing Technique Moulded
Main Artist Not known
Artist's Nationality Indian
Artist's Life Date / Bio Data Not Known
Author NA
Country India
Provenance Kaushambi U.P
Origin Place Kaushambi
Find Place Kaushambi, U.P
Scribe NA
Style Kaushana
School Kaushana
Patron/Dynasty Kaushana
Period / Year of Work C.2nd Century AD
Tribe NA
Costume NA
Culture NA
Dimensions 13.5 x 10 cm
Detailed Description This is accepted as the earliest depiction of surgery in Indian art. Human stomach has been carved in terracotta with the exposure of intestine inside an appetite. It is an internal organ in which the major part of the digestion of food occurs, being a pear- shaped enlargement of the alimentary canal linking the oesophagus to the small intestine.
Brief Description Human stomach has been carved beautifully in terracotta..