Chavdar Tale Satyagrah at Mahad
Title Chavdar Tale Satyagrah at Mahad
Accession Number diorama-01
Museum Name Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Museum & Memorial, Pune
Object Type Diorama
Main Material Mixed Material
Period / Year of Work 25th March 1927
Brief Description Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar started the satyagraha for drinking water for untouchables, on the banks of the Chavdar (tasty) Tale (lake) at Mahad, On 20th March, 1927. Dr. Ambedkar accompanied by his associates, prominent among them being, Shri. Anandrao Chitre, Shri Bapu Sahastrabuddhe, Shri Sambhaji Gaikwad and Shri Ramchandra More, gathered on the banks of the lake and drank a handful of water from the lake, a privilege hitherto denied to untouchables. Babasaheb went on to claim that a life-giving commodity like water cannot be a privilege of a select class of people. Everybody has a right to drink the water this is the message he wanted to convey to the crowd gathered there. Later, on 25th December, 1927, in the presence of a large gathering, Babasaheb consigned to flames a copy of the book 'Manusmriti' by Manu, Which defined the Caste system and propagated untouchability. At this meeting Babasaheb also put fourth his views on the upliftment of untouchables and especially of down trodden women.