Hero Stone
Title Hero Stone
Accession Number acc-no-0021
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, Goa
Gallery Name Gallery no-1
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Basalt
Artist's Nationality Indian
Country India
Provenance Molcornem
Find Place Molcornem
Style Kadamba/Yadava
Patron/Dynasty Kadamba/Yadava
Period / Year of Work 12th Century AD
Tribe Kadamba/Yadava
Culture Kadamba
Dimensions 1.70 m X 0.48 m X 0.18 m
Brief Description Viragal or Hero stone commemorating the death of a hero.
Detailed Description Viragal or Hero stone commemorating the death of a hero.The lower panel depicts a ground battle. The hero is disproportionately large statures than his enemy who is much smaller in size. Both combatants are charging at each other with swords (both hold shields).Two attendants in the upper right corner are shown as spectators, admiring the two combatants. The one on the left raises both his hands while the other one on the right puts his fingers into his mouth in an attitude of whistling.Immediately above the scene of ground battle, are carved two vessels. The hero stands under a parasol within a structural frame on the deck of the better preserved vessel on the left and shoots an arrow towards a smaller sized man seated in the masthead of the enemy- vessel. In the middle panel the hero is seated on a lion- throne (Sinhasan).He is about to leave this world accompanied by his wife who is seated on a smaller throne.In the upper most panel he is enthroned in heaven on a decorated asana (seat) and flanked by apsaras (celestial damsels).