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Sati Stone
Title Sati Stone
Accession Number acc-no-0037
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, Goa
Gallery Name Reserve collection-2
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Basalt
Artist's Nationality Indian
Country India
Provenance Sancoale (District South Goa)
Find Place Sancoale (District South Goa)
Style Kadamba/Yadava
Patron/Dynasty Kadamba/Yadava
Period / Year of Work 12th/13th Century AD
Tribe Kadamba/Yadava
Culture Kadamba/Yadava
Dimensions 0.50 m X 0.46 m X 0.90 m
Detailed Description Sati stone with depiction of sati's raised right arm projecting from a pillar on the right side of the slab with its palm turned towards the on looker in an attitude of blessing. In the sculpture husband and wife have appeared under the raised arm, on either side of a shivalinga indicating shaiva affiliation of the couple.
Brief Description Sati stone with depiction.