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Diogo Lopes de Sequeira
Title Diogo Lopes de Sequeira
Accession Number acc-no-0086
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, Goa
Gallery Name Gallery no-6-7-8
Object Type Painting
Main Material
Medium Oil Painting on Wood
Provenance Goa
Find Place Goa
Style Portuguese
School Goanese
Patron/Dynasty Portuguese
Period / Year of Work 16th Century AD
Dimensions 2.00 m X 1.02 m
Detailed Description Oil painting on wood, portrait of Dom Diogo Lopes de Sequeira, Governor from 1518 to 1522 A.D. School - goanese Size - 2.00 X 1.02 M (Contemporary to the Governor) Significant Events: -Sent Dom Aleixo de Meneses against Bhatkal to enforce the payment of tribute. -Ordered the construction of a road
Brief Description