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Arabic Inscription
Title Arabic Inscription
Accession Number acc-no-0217
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, Goa
Gallery Name Gallery no-1
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Basalt
Provenance Goa
Find Place Goa
Style Mughal
Patron/Dynasty Mughal
Period / Year of Work 16th Century AD
Tribe Mughal
Culture Mughal
Dimensions 0.44 m X 0.49 m X 0.37 m
Detailed Description Persian Inscription on a basalt slab dated Hijri year 1001, Ramzan 12 (1593 A.D., June 2)Dynasty: Mughal Ruler: Akbar Damaged on the upper portion and lower left portion.Refers to the order of Zahiruddin and mentions some officials Sarlashkar Mubarizuddin Farhad Khan, Sarnaubat Itimadud Daula Azam Khan and Itibar Khan in connection with the royal trench (alang-i-khas).
Brief Description Persian Inscription on a basalt slab