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Hero Stone
Title Hero Stone
Accession Number acc-no-0239
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, Goa
Gallery Name Gallery no-4
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Basalt
Artist's Nationality Indian
Country India
Provenance S. Lowrenço, Goa
Find Place S. Lowrenço, Agasim, Goa
Style Kadamba
Patron/Dynasty Kadamba
Period / Year of Work 12th Century AD
Tribe Kadamba
Culture Kadamba
Dimensions 0.35 m X 0.90 m X 0.13 m
Detailed Description Viragal in three panels depicating a naval battle. The lowermost panel portrays the death of the hero in a naval battle; it depicts a fight between warriors in two boats. The third boat in front is empty, its occupants presumably lying slain at the bottom of the sea. The middle panel shows apsaras lifting the hero to heaven. The uppermost panel illustrates the hero as seated in heaven and worshipping a shivalinga.
Brief Description Virgal stone slab showing Shiva puja in upper row. In the middle row dancing and in the lower portion a Naval fight is shown.