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Inscribed Slab with Persian Inscription
Title Inscribed Slab with Persian Inscription
Accession Number acc-no-0244
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, Goa
Gallery Name Gallery no-5
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Basalt
Provenance Goa
Find Place Goa
Style Adilshahis of Bijapur
Patron/Dynasty Adilshahis of Bijapur
Period / Year of Work Medieval
Tribe Adilshahis of Bijapur
Culture Adilshahis of Bijapur
Dimensions 0.50 m X 1.12 m X 0.10 m
Detailed Description Persian Inscription inscribed on a rectangular slab of Basalt. It records the royal order prohibiting the evil practice of Niputrik, prevalent in Mhamala gove (Goa) by which the property of a person having only daughters and no son was confiscated. The order was issued following the representation by malik-e-shaik, malik-zahid-Baig, and was conveyed to Desais and other. Date: A.H.918 (u) 1570 AD
Brief Description