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Architectural Member
Title Architectural Member
Accession Number acc-no-0246
Museum Name Archaeological Survey of India, Goa
Gallery Name Gallery no-2
Object Type Architecture
Main Material Basalt
Artist's Nationality Indian
Country India
Provenance Palace of viceroy near St. Cajetan Church
Find Place Palace of viceroy near St. Cajetan Church.
Style Kadamba/Yadava
Patron/Dynasty Kadamba/Yadava
Period / Year of Work 10th /11th Century AD
Tribe Kadamba/Yadava
Culture Kadamba/Yadava
Dimensions 0.76 m X 0.32 m X 0.70 m
Detailed Description An architectural member of a Hindu temple; the upper portion of the plinth replicating tiered. Dravida shikhara. The central shikhara is flanked by two angashikharas topped by amalaka on the apex.
Brief Description Dravidian Temple Shikhara