SURAHI / Earthen goblet
Title SURAHI / Earthen goblet
Accession Number 10033
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Potteries
Main Material Baked Clay
Manufacturing Technique []
Country India
Provenance Bombay, India
Origin Place Bombay, India
Find Place Bombay, India
Period / Year of Work Not known
Inscription NA
Dimensions 16.5X4.5 centimeter
Brief Description SURAHI / Earthen goblet - It is a spherical earthen goblet. The black earthen is decorated with a few lines and ridges. The base of the object is circular . The neck of the object is high and conical and the opening is circular with a flat rim which is also designed with circular rings. The object is deep and hallowed. It is used for domestic purposes.