SURAHI / Earthen jug
Title SURAHI / Earthen jug
Accession Number 10050
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Potteries
Main Material Baked Clay
Manufacturing Technique []
Country India
Provenance Birbhum, Bengal, India
Origin Place Birbhum, Bengal, India
Find Place Birbhum, Bengal, India
Period / Year of Work Not known
Inscription NA
Dimensions 25X5 centimeter
Brief Description SURAHI / Earthen jug - It is a spherical earthen jug called 'Surahi'. The upper part of the object is decorated with a few engraved lines and dots. It has an elongated and cylindrical high neck with a band like ridge. The opening of the jug is narrow with an everted circular rim which is partly broken. The body of the jug is very smooth and glossy. The base of the jug is flat and round with a circular ridge.