BADNA / Earthen Pot
Title BADNA / Earthen Pot
Accession Number 10074
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Potteries
Main Material Baked Clay
Manufacturing Technique []
Country India
Provenance Bombay, India
Origin Place Bombay, India
Find Place Bombay, India
Period / Year of Work Not known
Inscription NA
Dimensions 11X6.5 centimeter
Brief Description BADNA / Earthen Pot - It is a spherical bodied, smooth and black coloured earthen pitcher called 'BADNA'. This black badna has a small spout with circular designs. The neck of the object is high and the rim is circular. The inside is hallowed and deep. There are two chambers - one that can be seen through the mouth while the other is made out of spherical body of the object and cannot be seen. The base of the object is circular and flat.