Exact Match
Title Kareava.
Accession Number 1370
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Effigy
Main Material Wood
Component Material II Bead
Country India.
Provenance Nicobar Islands.
Origin Place Nicobar Islands.
Find Place Nicobar Islands.
Period / Year of Work Not Known
Inscription NA
Tribe Nicobarese.
Dimensions Maximum Height- 159 cm, Maximum Width- 66 cm, Maximum Thickness- 21 cm.
Brief Description The Kareava are carved wooden human figures. This life-sized standing image has one hand raised upwards as if holding a spear to throw. The face is coloured red while the hair and eye brows are painted black. Sclera of the eyes is white and the eye balls are black. The nose is flat and broad. Lips are thick and broad. Ear studs and bead necklace are present. The image has a frightening expression. The Nicobarese are the most significant tribal population in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Usually the Kareava are kept at the entrance of the house of the Nicobarese in memory of the dead and also to scare away malevolent spirits. Meat, pork and various kinds of cooked food are offered to them to ward off illness, disaster and death in the family. According to the people not only do they act as scare-devils but also as symbols of their profound love and respect for the deceased.