Inscribed Relic Casket from Piprahwa
Title Inscribed Relic Casket from Piprahwa
Accession Number 19737A&B
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Relic Casket
Main Material Steatite
Country India
Provenance Basti district, Uttar Pradesh
Origin Place Basti district, Uttar Pradesh
Patron/Dynasty Sakya clan (?)
Period / Year of Work C.3rd Century B.C.E.
Dimensions 15.2 cm. in height and 10.2 cm. in diameter.
Brief Description The casket was discovered in the year 1898 by William Cackston Pepe at Piprahwa (ancient Kapilavastu) in the Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. It was found along with three other steatite caskets and a casket made of crystal inside a stone coffer 18 feet below the surface during an excavation. The casket found inscribed in Mauryan Brahmi script reads, 'Sukitibhatinam sabhaginikanam saputadalanam yam salilanidhane Budhasa Bhagavate Sakiyanam'. According to Buhler, it means that the casket containing the relics of Lord Buddha was donated by Sukirti brothers along with their sisters, sons and wives belonging to the Sakya clan. But in the opinion of J.F. Fleet, this is the collection of relics of Sukirti brothers, the relatives of lord Buddha and those of their sisters, sons and wives too.