Exact Match
Title Mahaparinirvana
Accession Number 2543/A23223
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Stone
Provenance Yusufzai (North-Western part of the erstwhile Indian sub-continent)
Origin Place Yusufzai (North-Western part of the erstwhile Indian sub-continent)
Period / Year of Work Kushana period, c. 2nd century CE
Dimensions 22.4x40.4x9.4cm.
Brief Description Of the five episodes in the Buddha's life, which are graphically represented in sculptures, the mahaparinirvana (the great decease) is the last one. The present relief shows the Teacher's body lying on a couch and surrounded by grief-stricken disciples like Ananda (standing at his feet), Mahakasyapa and Subhadra along with Vajrapani. Others are seen mourning the lord's demise. According to the Chinese traditions, Vajrapani as Guhyapadi Malla holding the adamantine vajra (club) was a devout attendant of the Buddha. In the Ambattha Sutta of the Dighanikaya, he, as the chief of the yakshas, was present at the time of the Buddha's death.