Exact Match
Title Club.
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Arms and Armouries
Main Material Wood
Country America.
Provenance Santacruz, America.
Origin Place Santacruz, America.
Find Place Santacruz, America.
Period / Year of Work Not Known
Inscription NA
Tribe Not known.
Dimensions Maximum Length - 83c.m. Maximum Width - 6.8c.m. Maximum Thickness - 6.4c.m.
Brief Description It is made of wood, looks like a fish. Projections, slightly resembling fins are present at three places at the lateral sides of the club. It becomes gradually narrow towards the handle. It is curved out of a single piece of wood. Black coloured designs are painted on the body of the club. The end of the handle looks like a tail of a fish.