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Lacquered figure of Buddha.
Title Lacquered figure of Buddha.
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Effigy
Main Material Wood
Component Material II Mirror
Country Burma.
Provenance Rangoon, Burma.
Origin Place Rangoon, Burman.
Find Place Rangoon, Burman.
Period / Year of Work Not Known
Inscription NA
Dimensions Maximum Height- 65 cm, Maximum Width- 43 cm, Maximum Thickness- 24.5 cm.
Brief Description It is an image of Buddha, sitting in " Bhumishparsha mudra". The image is lacquered with golden colour. It has a pagoda shaped crown which is detachable from the head. The body is ornamented. The crown and the lotus-designed pedestal are decorated with mirrors. The facial expression of the image displays the Burmese features.