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Birth of Siddhartha
Title Birth of Siddhartha
Accession Number 5034
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Stone
Provenance Loriyan Tangai (North-Western part of the erstwhile Indian sub-continent)
Origin Place Loriyan Tangai (North-Western part of the erstwhile Indian sub-continent)
Period / Year of Work Kushana period, c. 2nd century CE
Dimensions 48x34.9x10.5cm.
Brief Description The fragment from the base of a stupa represents the birth of Gautama, who emerges from the right side of queen Maya standing cross-legged and holding the branch of a sala tree in the Lumbini garden. Indra receives the new-born babe on a piece of cloth and behind him stands Lord Brahma with a halo around his head. Above is seen a heavenly figure rejoicing at the auspicious moment. The flywhisk between him and the branch of the tree signifies the greatness of the divine child, who is seen again standing with his right hand raised in abhaya (protection) mudra. As legend has it, the child after descending from Sakra's hands stood erect on the ground and taking seven steps declared, "I am born for enlightenment of the good of the world; this is my last birth in the world of phenomena". The sculpture is a fine specimen of the late Gandhara art and a superbly graphic representation of the legend.