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Figure of Bhairava seated under five snake hoods.
Title Figure of Bhairava seated under five snake hoods.
Accession Number 6143-1
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name Not Available
Object Type Effigy
Main Material Brass
Country India
Provenance India
Origin Place India.
Find Place India.
Period / Year of Work Not Known
Inscription NA
Tribe Not known.
Dimensions Height- 54.5 cm; Width- 19.3 cm; Thickness- 16 cm; Diameter of the base- 14.5 cmMaximum Height-54.5c.m. Maximum width-19.3c.m. Maximum Thickness-16c.m. Maximum Diameter of the base-14.5c.m.
Brief Description It consists of three parts i) a head with five snake hoods, ii) the head of Bhairava iii) the lingam. A head with five snake hoods is present above the Bhairava's head. The forehead of Bhairava is provided with a moon, representing the third eye of Shiva. A snake hood on each ear and a necklace made of skulls on the neck, are present. The lingam is a cylindrical body where a snake lies coil around.