Exact Match
Title Vishnu
Accession Number 6523
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Slate Stone
Country India
Provenance Chaitanpur, Burdwan, West Bengal
Origin Place Chaitanpur, Burdwan, West Bengal
Period / Year of Work C.11th century CE
Dimensions 125x55x8cm.
Brief Description Standing in samapadathanaka on a high plinth block pedestal, the figure of four-armed Vishnu is holding clockwise a padma (lotus), the gada (mace), the sankha (conch shell) and the chakra (disc). The figure wears only a lower garment that reaches up to the thigh in a wavy design. He is flanked by a male and a female figure probably representing Chakrapurusha and Gadadevi. On the nimbus, to the right of Vishnu is seen a seated male holding a chakra.