Female bust
Title Female bust
Accession Number 8584/A15087
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Terracotta
Country India
Provenance Mathura, U.P
Origin Place Mathura, U.P
Period / Year of Work Maurya, C 3rd century BCE
Dimensions 11.5X8.6 cm
Brief Description Bust of a female represents a figure of celestial beauty. She is adorned with a typical Mauryan head dress with its hanging fillets decorated with the usual circular beaded discs. She is bejeweled with large roundel on her left ear, wearing broad necklace, all these are done by appliqué technique. The face of this richly dressed young woman appears to have been moulded and joined to a separately modeled body. Her sublime expression and a fair throat indicate the artistry of the Mauryan epoch. The smiling countenance of the face adds to the figurine a special charm and individuality. Its fine finish and the modeling tends to bring about the form in the round.