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Mask of Garur
Title Mask of Garur
Accession Number 89.138
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name Mask
Object Type Masks
Main Material Bamboo
Component Material II PalmSpathe
Component Material III Cloth
Country India
Provenance Sibsagar Dist.,Assam, India.
Origin Place Sibsagar Dist.,Assam, India.
Find Place Sibsagar Dist.,Assam, India.
Period / Year of Work Not Known
Inscription Na
Tribe Folk People of Assam
Dimensions Height- 32.5 cm, Length- 132 cm, Width- 32.5 cm.
Brief Description The mask is made of splitted bamboo, cloth and clay. It is a large, green coloured mask, decorated with yellow coloured spathe of palm. A crown is present on the head, painted with red, blue and black. The mask has four rows of curved horn, painted with red and green. A long curved beak is the characteristic of the mask. The mask of Assam forms an important component in the traditional theatre of Assam, namely Bhaona or Ainkiya Bhaona. The theatre has its roots in the Vaishnavite religious tradition. Srimanta Shankaradeva( 15th-16th Century A.D), the great Vaishnavite saint, had founded, Satra-supreme Vaishnavite institution of Assam, for propagation of Vaishnavism. Masks are prepared in the Satras, so they are called Satriya mask. The main God of Satra is Lord Vishnu. Garur is the keeper of Satra. It is used in Bhaona mask dance.