Exact Match
Title Sadyojata
Accession Number 9011/A23113
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Stone
Country Bangladesh
Provenance Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Origin Place Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Period / Year of Work Ca 11th/12th century CE
Dimensions 59.5x32x11cm.
Brief Description The horizontal panel shows the divine mother having given birth to her child. According to some scholars it represents Yasoda with infant Krishna, according to some she is Mahamaya with child Gautama. The sculpture has also been interpreted as showing the newly born Siva, as the Brahma Purana tells a story of Siva as the 'eternal bade'. The mother elegantly holds a lotus in the right hand looking down lovingly on her offspring, while an attendant massages her left foot. On the upper part of the slab are displayed the nine planets along with Ganesa, Sivalings, etc.