Exact Match
Model of a boat.
Title Model of a boat.
Accession Number 9438
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name Not Available
Object Type Effigy
Main Material Ivory
Country India.
Provenance Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.
Origin Place Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.
Period / Year of Work Not Known
Inscription NA
Dimensions Maximum Height-10c.m. Maximum Width-35c.m. Maximum Thickness-4.9c.m.
Brief Description The boat is in shape of a peacock. The body is decorated with engravings. The anterior end of the boat is designed with a peacock head while the rows of human figure is fashioned like each holding oars, are present. There are six human figures in one row and five in another row. The body of the boat stands on a rectangular platform.