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Earth Goddess
Title Earth Goddess
Accession Number A19746
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Gold
Country India
Provenance Lauriya Nandangarh, Bihar
Origin Place Lauriya Nandangarh, Bihar
School Mauryan
Patron/Dynasty Mauryan
Period / Year of Work C.5th-4th Century B.C.
Dimensions 3.26 cm x 2.08 cm
Brief Description The Earth Goddess carved on a gold leaf was found with a small deposit of human bones inside a funeral mound at Lauriya in the district of Champaran. The excavations were conducted by N.G.Majumdar in March,1905, and the identification of the female figure as Prithivi, the Earth Goddess, has been made with the help of a verse in the Rigveda.