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Krishna consorting Radha in a guise of a gopi
Title Krishna consorting Radha in a guise of a gopi
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Painting
Main Material
Medium Watercolour on Paper
Main Artist Sunayani Devi
Artist's Nationality Indian
Find Place Art Collection Register Vol-1, Page-46
School Contemporary
Period / Year of Work 1875-1962 C.E.
Dimensions L.25 cm, B.18 cm
Brief Description The scene relates Krishna became a gopi for Radha from Gita Govinda of Jaydeva. The artist illustrates the scene very interestingly. Krishna bedecked himself as female. He is wearing golden ornaments and pink sari with green border. The dark complexion gopi is very close gesture conversing with Radha. Brilliant colours, the romantic presentation and the figures are typical of the Neo Bengal School Style of 20th century. According to the Gita Govinda, where Krishna said to the Sakhi: "Please tell Radha that I am still with her. The lotuses that bloom in the Yamuna have been coloured by me and the yellow blossoms on the mango tree have opened because of my love and clang of peacocks and the clouds of Shravan pour rain. They do so because of my love and when two birds sing to each other they speak of my love for her"- Kanha Priya.