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Anantasayi Vishnu
Title Anantasayi Vishnu
Accession Number Bn.1/A20393
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Terracotta
Country India
Provenance Bhitargaon, Allahabad U.P
Origin Place Bhitargaon, Allahabad U.P
Period / Year of Work C 4th/ 5th century CE
Dimensions 23x 49 cm
Brief Description The rectangular plaque of Vishnu on Ananta is from the architectural decoration of Bhitargaon temple. The modulated physical from of Lord Vishnu is interesting. He is seen leaning on snake Anantanaga. The snake hood is visible at the back. Except the crown and ear ornaments, Lord Vishnu is devoid of any embellishments. Brahma is seated on a full blown lotus flower. The stem of the flower is seen as issuing from the naval of the Lord Vishnu. His face is well demarcated with bulging eyes, protruding lips and fleshy cheeks. Lower part of body of Brahma is not well defined. There are two standing human figures on the proper right of the plaque. Except the hair style, modeling and facial features of both are same. Right hands of both the figures are in abhaya pose. Both figures are carrying clubs in their left hand. They are wearing tight fitted stitched clothes which are designed with floral devices. Lower garment seems to be short dhoti type. Their feet from below the ankles are not shown. This is a clear simple modeling devoid of any particular details and marks, a product of the Gupta period.