Exact Match
Title Siva-Parvati
Accession Number N.S.2222/A25234
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Sand Stone
Country India
Provenance Puri, Orissa
Origin Place Puri, Orissa
Period / Year of Work Ca 10th century CE
Dimensions 67x42x26cm
Brief Description The slab shows the divine couple Siva and Parvati seated together in alingana posture with their respective mounts - the bull and the lion. The four-armed Siva is playing a musical instrument by his main pair of hands. His other iconographic attribute, the trident is placed atop on the back of his shoulder. The two armed Parvati seated cross legged in a three quarter profile on the pericarp of a lotus is holding a flower by her left hand while her right hand is placed gracefully on the left thigh of Siva. The rhythm of the figures and their plastic fluidity speak very highly of the sculptor's skill and aesthetic sense.