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Human head
Title Human head
Accession Number N.S.323/A10392
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Terracotta
Country India
Provenance Bhita, Allahabad, U.P
Origin Place Bhita, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Period / Year of Work Gupta C. 5th century CE
Dimensions 6.4x 6.3 cm
Brief Description Terracotta human head from Bhita, shows some interesting features which indicate the grandeur of the Gupta period. Soft countenance is beaming with a smile. Hair is parted in the middle to form a wig like hair style, which is arranged in four rows of curls, suspended upon shoulders. Face is full with fleshy cheeks. Eyebrows are concave archs, drooping elongated eyelids are almost shut. Pointed nose is slightly damaged, lips are beautiful and protruding. The facial physiognomy has a strongly marked individuality in its happy expression of the Gupta period. All these create an impressive overall impact.