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Enamelled huqqa
Title Enamelled huqqa
Accession Number R.12931
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Decorative Art
Main Material Silver
Manufacturing Technique Emamelled ware
Country India
Provenance Lucknow, UP, India
Origin Place Lucknow, UP
Period / Year of Work 19th century CE
Dimensions Ht. 84.5cm, Cir. 49.5cm
Brief Description The high, elegant huqqa is richly ornamented with silver enamelled work. The method of enamelling employed in India is called the champlevé. In this process, the metal is engraved or chased to provide the metal is engraved or chased to provide the necessary depressions in which the enamel colours are applied and heated. The most finely inlaid enamelling huqqa with seven parts and long chains and gold zari pipe gives an aristocracy look with royal grandeur. The surface decoration consists of colourful flowers, leaves and animals patterns, the entire achieving an exceptional impression of the decorative art. The body of the huqqa is richly ornamented with fine blue green and yellow colours. The piece is decorated with floral sprays and creepers minakari work in silver. The base metal of huqqa is silver on which intricate enamelling is executed. Fine eight chains are hanging from the chillim as well as pieces of silver enamelled parts in well synchronize. The most attractive parts of the huqqa are its gold threaded pipe and gold mouth piece.