Title Vajravarahi
Accession Number R.14350
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Decorative Art
Main Material Wood
Country Tibet
Provenance Tibet
Origin Place Tibet
School Image
Period / Year of Work 13th Century C.E
Dimensions H.17.5 cm, L.12 cm, B.9.7 cm
Brief Description Vajravarahi is the consort of Cakrasamvara, who represents the Samvaratantra doctrine. She is dancing on a full bloomed lotus throne. Her left foot set on the upper abdomen of a human body. She is in tantrika dancing posture with her right leg raised. Lower part of the body is draped with an animal skin. She always represents her as a naked appearance. She wears a garland of severed human heads, bone ornaments and human skull crown. The face is fierce and quite unlike the general trend with the third eye. It is a tutelary deity with two legged and two armed dancing divinity holding chopper or khatavanga in his right hand while a human skull cup placed on left palm and the upper part of the body is uncovered. Only a scarf is draped on the shoulder. A narrow flaming halo is also covering her body. She is protector of purity and is the personification of female energy. Holy water vessel is a vase contains water or something, which is able to place a devotee in the Amrtaloka where death cannot enter. The white jade container or water vessel is placed on a copper gilded stand and the crystal lid mounted with metal band shows beautiful carvings. It only helps in emphasizing the water cosmology associated with the amrta-kalasa.