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Turkey Cock
Title Turkey Cock
Accession Number R.201
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Decorative Art
Main Material Gouache on paper
Main Artist Ustad Mansur
Country Mughal
Provenance Mughal
Origin Place Mughal
School Painting
Period / Year of Work C.1612 C.E.
Dimensions L.39.2 cms, B.26.3 cms
Brief Description 'Turkey Cock' with well decorated 'Hasia' or side borders by artist Ustad Mansur. The illustrated folio on an album page presents a Turkey Cock, with puffy feathers, attractive colour contrast and plumage . The fine, accurate, sophisticated and minute draughtsman ship along with the light delicate landscaping background reveals that this is a work of master artist. The scene is laid in a beautiful ambience with soft and controlled lines inherent realism and vibrant colours used by the artist make the painting very lively.