Yama- Yami
Title Yama- Yami
Accession Number R.628
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Decorative Arts
Main Material Embroidered Thanka
Country Tibet
Provenance Tibet
Origin Place Tibet
Period / Year of Work C. 18th century CE
Dimensions L.124cm, B. 68cm
Brief Description This embroidered thanka represents Yama-Yami, which is prepared with a great care. Buffalo headed Yama is standing in pratyalidha asana against fire in the middle. Blue bodied two armed deity holding a staff in right hand while left hand holding a skull cup. He is riding on a buffalo. The deity bedecked with dharmapala attire as skull crown and bone ornaments- garland, bracelet, armlet etc. His flaming hair turned up. He embraced his consort black complexioned yumi, who is also holding human skull cup. The lower part of the banner shows five human skulls. He also shows his canine teeth and the third eye which creates an ambiance of fierce-full appearance.