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Krishna playing flute
Title Krishna playing flute
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Decorative Art
Main Material Gouache on paper
Country India
Provenance Jaipur
Origin Place Jaipur
Period / Year of Work 18th century CE
Dimensions L.36cm, B. 18cm
Brief Description The artist has painted and decorated the painting with pearls and semiprecious stone, which shows Krishna standing under a red canopy with four armed Devi. Krishna is playing flute. All Gods are captivated and came from the heaven to enjoy the melody playing by Krishna's flute. It is interesting that all Vrindavanavasi and Gods are standing on the identical land. The cheerfulness and celebration of the event is further enhanced by music and songs as several persons carry the musical instruments with them. The back ground shows trees and the blue sky. The women of Vraja passed the tire in recollecting the glories of Krishna. When he played his flute, Gopis and all animals were so charmed that they captivated by the melody. They are bedecked with royal dresses and ornaments. Krishna's Vaishnava cult of which Bhagavata- Purana and Geet-Gobinda are the greatest exponents, propounds that only in love the self united with the supreme being, and gopis stands for the universal self, their love of him being the supreme act which any one born is capable of doing. Geeta-Gobinda is thus a great love poetry which sings of gopis love for Krishna symbolizing self's cosmic craving for uniting with the universal self.