Exact Match
Title Surahi
Accession Number R.8268 A
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Decorative Art
Main Material Silver
Component Material II Zinc
Component Material III Copper
Country Lucknow, Moradabad
Period / Year of Work 19th Century AD
Dimensions Ht: 44 cm, W: 32.8 cm.
Brief Description The tall, slender Surahi is richly ornamented with silver bidri work. The most finely inlaid bidri Surahi or wine flasks with long spout and handle. The surface decoration consists of flowers and leaves patterns, the whole achieving a rare impression of the decorative art. The body of the Surahi is richly ornamented with fine silver bidri ware. The piece is decorated with floral sprays and creepers inlaid in silver. The base metal of bidri is an alloy of zinc, copper and lead on which elaborate inlay is executed. Fine wares as well as pieces of silver inlaid in grooves. The most attractive parts of the Surahi are its handle and spout.