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Khamsa-i- Nizami.
Title Khamsa-i- Nizami.
Accession Number R.G.352/S.17
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name N.A.
Object Type Decorative Art
Main Material Gouache on paper
Provenance Persian.
Origin Place Persian.
Period / Year of Work C. 16th century CE
Dimensions L.36.7 cm, B.25.3 cm.
Brief Description The illustrated folio from Khamsa - i - Nizam, shows a King on horseback with attendants an old woman touching the king's stirrups and begging for justice from Sultan Sanjar. Khamsa - i - Nizam is a masnavi or collection of poems by Nizami. His work was famous as a classic of Persian literature. It consists of five poems of Makhnul Asarar, Khusru-wa Shirin -1584 CE, Hafta Paikar-1584CE, Laila Majnu-1583CE, and Sikandar Nama. Among these Hafta Paikar is illustrated in minute detail. He has rendered it in terms of line, volume, surface, colour, rhythm, composition and profuse use of gold and floral ornamentation in the Hasia.