Exact Match
Title Yakshi
Accession Number S12
Museum Name Indian Museum, Kolkata
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Sculpture
Main Material Sand Stone
Country India
Provenance Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
Origin Place Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
Period / Year of Work Ca 1st century CE
Dimensions Pedestal: 28x15.2cm.; Top: 50.8x15.2cm.
Brief Description The bracket figure represents a yakshi standing cross legged under a sala tree holding on to the branches with her two hands. She is quite nude with the exception of a very flimsy garment, the margins of which appear below the knees and hips. The sculpture has a tenon above for fitting into another slab and has an expanded flat base, evidently serving the purpose of a pillar. The much greater breadth of the top is due to the branches reaching out over the figure beneath.