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Dharmapala Vajrapani
Title Dharmapala Vajrapani
Accession Number 2002/17/146
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Central Asian Antiquities
Object Type Central Asian Antiquities
Main Material Paintings
Component Material II Silk
Origin Place Dunhuang
Find Place Dunhuang
Period / Year of Work 7-8 Century CE
Dimensions 81 x 37 x 3.5 cm
Brief Description Painted silk banner showing ferocious looking standing figure of Dharampala-Vajrapani with a long club held in his hands. One leg stands on red lotus while the other on blue lotus. Damaged at places. Colours used are brown, dark brown, ochre-yellow, brick-red, while, green and blue. Vajrapani Dharmapalas are guardians of Dharma with flexed muscles, clenched toes, firmly planted heels, swollen veins, and swelling muscles. They evoke the awesome authority of fearfully armed generals. Executed in naturalistic details, fearsome rage, attention is concentrated on the fierce expression of the face.They invoke terror in the repertoire of the artists. There are several supernatural beings who are Dharmapalas or guardians of the Dharma as well as of its adherents from all negative forces. They also guard monasteries. Their wrathful exterior and calm interior protect the teachings and institutions against hostile forces