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Title Shantinatha
Accession Number 47.109/171
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Bronze
Country India
Origin Place Western India
Period / Year of Work 15th century AD
Dimensions 35.7 X 24 X 11cm
Brief Description Image of Shantinatha seated cross legged in dhyanamudra over a cushion placed on simhasana (lion-throne), the latter shown on a terraced pedestal. The figure is detachable from the throne, and bears an inscription at its back giving the name. Both his hands, one over the other, are placed on his lap. He has elongate ears and a srivatsa mark on the chest. The hair is arranged in small schematic spiral curls with an ushnisha. A halo behind the head. The figure is surrounded by an arch consisting of two standing and two seated Tirathankras and a triple umbrella with perforated design flanked on either side by an elephant. All around the arch, on both sides and on top, are depicted on the back plate, 19 Tirthankaras all seated in dhyanamudra. The upper part of the plate is ornamented and semi-circular in shape with a purnaghata on either side and on top. The extreme ends of the plate are elaborately worked in vertical bands depicting from top a makara head rampant leogryph or lion over the elephant head, a musician and a chauri-bearer. On either side of the throne are six figures of devotees contained in arched niches. In front of the throne below is a row of navagrahas and the cognizance of the Tirathankara, a chakra flanked by two deers On the base in front is an ached niche enclosing a seated female figure; extremes the attendant Yaksha and Yakshi standing figures.