Exact Match
Title Gaja-Lakshmi
Accession Number 47.109/52
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Bronze
Manufacturing Technique Lost wax
Origin Place Probably Gujarat
Period / Year of Work 15th Century AD
Dimensions 5 x 3 inch.
Brief Description Four armed figure of Gaja-Lakshmi seated cross legged on a rectangular pedestal, with a row of seven purna-kalasa in front, and two devotees seated on either side. The facial features are mutilated. In both the upper hands, she holds lotus flower, each supporting on elephant which are bathing the deity. In both the lower hands she carries purna- kalasas. She wears a coronet, Ear-rings, necklace, scarf around the shoulders and a waist cloth wore with a girdle. A trefoil arch at the back with beaded border and a finial, is supported by two columns on either side.