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Standing Surya
Title Standing Surya
Accession Number 50.178
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Stone
Country India
Find Place Konarak, Orissa
Period / Year of Work 13th century AD
Dimensions Ht. 189.2" Wd. 89.0"
Brief Description Image of standing Surya complete with pedestal. He wears a profusely ornamented crown, earrings, necklaces yajnopavita, armlets, girdle, uttariya and antariya. He is flanked on either side by two standing male figure holding a sword and a shield, two bearded small standing figures, two ladies holdings flowers and full blown lotuses. A kirtimukha on top with two flaying figures on the extreme ends. Seven horses are shown on the base in front in three rectangular niches, driven by Aruna seated on pedestal with reins in his hands. Chloride stone.