Title Mohini
Accession Number 50.190
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Stone
Country India
Origin Place Gadag, Distt. Dharwar
Patron/Dynasty Western Chalukya
Period / Year of Work 11th Century AD
Dimensions Ht. 91.5cm Wd. 53.0cm
Brief Description Figure of a female (Mohini) standing in a graceful pose under a flowering tree bearing fruits. The trunk of the tree is to her proper right and a standing dwarf figure with the left hand raised above the head and the left resting on the hip, to her proper left. Her left arm flexed at the elbow rests on the side while the right-hand is raised above the head She is looking in a mirror held in her left hand. Her hair is arranged in schematic spirals, tied into a loop behind her head to the left. She is profusely ornamented and wears round ear-ring, necklaces of pearls, a breast chain, stanottariya, jewelled armlets, bangles, anklets, etc. Her lower garments is fastened at the waist by a double ornamented band from which tassels are suspended. The pedestal has a pointed tenon and is carved with floral motifs at the bottom. The sculpture was broken into 14 pieces, but has now been joined Black stone.