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Seated Buddha
Title Seated Buddha
Museum Name National Museum, New Delhi
Gallery Name Archaeology
Object Type Archaeology
Main Material Stone
Country India
Origin Place Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Patron/Dynasty Early Gupta
Period / Year of Work Early 4th Century AD
Dimensions Ht. 26.4cmWd. 14.5cm
Brief Description Figure of Buddha seated in dhyana mudra and carved in the round, the characteristics of the figure are in a mixed style- Gupta and Kushana. His hair is schematic arranged in small curls with usnisa in the form of protuberance of skull in the middle. Round face, wide opened eyes, an urna between the eyebrows, seated in padmasana. Two figures of lions are shown on the two front corners of the pedestal. In the middle are shown tiny figures standing devotees with the wheel of law (chakra) placed in the middle. There is an inscription in early gupta characters on the lower portion of the pedestal.A full blown lotus is depicted on the back of the halo. Spotted red sandstone.